Live Stream Course Information

Flexible Scheduling

Although, our live stream classroom course runs on a set schedule, we do offer flexibility.  The classes are module formatted so each class covers an isolated topic(s).  

At registration, we provide an attendance affidavit which will be used to keep track of all 15 modules and turned in at course completion.  Students have a generous six months to attend all 15 modules (whether in the day session, the night session or a mixture of both) and successfully complete the final course exam(s).  

You may utilize the Module Itinerary to customize a schedule that fits your needs.  

Module Make-Up Information

Should you miss a classroom module (s), it can easily be made up when it rolls back around in either the day session or the night session (see Module Itinerary below).

NOTE:  As of June 6 (Day Session) and June 21 (Night Session), we will be utilizing a new and improved textbook entitled Principles of Real Estate Practice in Virginia.  

Please refer to the Module Itinerary for complete information.  

New to Live Streaming?

The real-time interaction made possible by live streaming platforms encourages students to participate, ask questions and engage with one another — all, from the comfort of their home.

Your licensing course can be taken on your PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, or tablet.  Once you are registered, you will receive an Email with a Zoom link, which, with one click, you enter the classroom.

Exam Information

Final Course Exam

Once your pre-licensing course modules are complete and the minimum time requirement has been met, a final course exam is required for final course completion.  

State Licensing Exam

Upon final course completion, you are eligible to sit for your state licensing exam.  This exam is administered by PSI Services on a first come/first served basis.