Advanced School of Real Estate is sensitive to the concerns of our students regarding the privacy of their personal information.  We make every effort to guard the information obtained from our students according to our policies as stated here on this website.


When you set submit a Contact Form, Registration Form or Email to request information, we will collect personal information from you such as your name, address, phone number, Email address, etc.  We need to collect this information in order to respond to your requests.

Use of Information 

Access to your personal information is limited to having a legitimate business purpose in accessing the information.  We may use the information we collect in the following ways:

  • The specific reason for supplying the information to us (see Personal Information)

Recording Web Traffic 

Advanced School of Real Estate employs software to track user visits and use of the various pages of the website.  This is statistical information and does not include personal information.  Advanced School of Real Estate does not attempt to identify individual visitors from this information.

Advanced School of Real Estate does not sell, rent, or otherwise disseminate Email addresses.  Advanced School of Real Estate uses collected information to fulfill your requests for information about its products. 

Personal Information 
Advanced School of Real Estate does not rent, sell, share, or otherwise disseminate personal information about you with other people or companies.

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Website Links
Pages on this website may contain links to other sites. These sites may contain useful information, and are provided as a resource.  Advanced School of Real Estate is not responsible for the content or the policies of such websites.


Note that Advanced School of Real Estate is located in the United States, and any personal data you provide to us will be transferred to our servers in the United States.  By submitting personal data to us, you consent to having your data transferred and stored on our servers in the United States.students