Attendance Policies:

Live Stream Classroom

Attendance is visually monitored the same as in a physical classroom setting.  Students may be removed from the classroom if they are not able to adhere to classroom policies and asked to make up the module on a different date.   Students are supplied an Attendance Affidavit at registration.  This completed form is required and will be collected after successful completion of final course exams.


1) Students must have the camera on their device turned on during the entire class with face visible (attendance verification requirement).

2) Students should be prepared and logged in at least 5 minutes early so they are ready to begin the class at the designated time.

3) Students should remain stationary in a room free of distractions.  For example:  No walking, driving, talking on the phone or to someone else in the room, cooking, etc.

4) Students will have their audio off by default.  Audio may be enabled on student’s part should they wish to ask or answer a question.

5) Students may type any comment or question in their chat box or enable audio to speak.  Questions are encouraged!

Self-paced Online

Attendance is tracked through a built-in course timer.   An Online Student Affidavit will be provided upon course completion.  The completed form is required and will be collected after successful completion of final course exams.

Enrollment Period:

Although our courses and final exams can be completed within 1-2 months, we allow a generous enrollment period.

Livestream Classroom:  Students have a generous six-month enrollment period (beginning with initial course start date) to complete 15 course modules in their entirety and successfully pass the final course exams.  

Self-paced Online:  Students have a generous six-month enrollment period (beginning with course purchase date) to complete the course and and pass the final course exams.   For course completion, all reading sections, questions and quizzes must be completed along with a reached course clock timer of 50 hours (this equates to 60 hours of classroom time allowing for ten minutes breaks) .

Learning Format Change:

Students may change from the self-paced online format to the livestream classroom or from the livestream classroom to the self-paced online format  at any time during their enrollment period with a transfer fee of $125.  Credit hours are not transferrable.  

Our 100% Pass the PSI Guarantee:

At Advanced School of Real Estate, we are all about your ULTIMATE SUCCESS!  Therefore, if you sit for your PSI exam within 30 days of passing your course and do not pass, you are eligible for a livestream (Zoom) classroom retake/refresh at no additional cost.*  Students must supply a printout of results from PSI testing center.  

If you make a commitment to us, we promise to provide you the education you need to pass your PSI exam and begin your real estate journey.

*Textbook not included

Refund Policy:

Livestream Classroom:  No refunds will apply once registration is complete.  In the event you are unable to attend the classroom session date you are registered for, you may postpone your session date to any time within one year of original enrollment.  Tuition is transferable to another student within one year from original enrollment.

Self-paced Online:  No refunds will apply once registration is complete.  If course is less than 50% complete, tuition can be transferred to another student within enrollment period.   


Advanced School of Real Estate reserves the right to change our programs and fees at any time.

Students are responsible for scanning any and all downloaded materials received online.  Advanced School of Real Estate shall not be responsible or liable for any damage caused by viruses or related hazards.