Course Completion

Once your pre-licensing course has been completed and the minimum time requirement has been met, a final course exam is required for successful course completion.

The Virginia Real Estate Board requires the exam to be proctored.  This exam is at the end of the course and should not be confused with the Virginia Real Estate Licensing Exam, which is taken at the testing vendor for the State of Virginia, PSI.  Exams are administered virtually through Zoom and can be taken from anywhere there is a dependable internet connection.  A webcam is required.  Please see Exam Policies and Procedures for device information.    

Final course exams must be taken and a successful grade received within the six-month course enrollment period.  We recommend testing within 30 days of completing required course hours.  Need more time?  Click here for more information.

About the Exam

Your final course exam consists of two portions, Va. Law and National.  One portion is taken per testing session.  They can be taken in any order.  

The number of questions and the time allotted reflects the Virginia Real Estate Licensing Exam (PSI).

  1. National:  80 questions | Time allotted:  105 minutes | Passing grade:   70% | 56 correct required to pass
  2. State (Va. Law):  40 questions | Time allotted:  45 minutes | Passing grade:   75% | 30 correct required to pass

Exam Schedule

  • June 12 8:00 a.m.
  • June 12 6:00 p.m.
  1. New dates added weekly
  2. One portion is taken per testing session
  3. Each portion may be scheduled for one testing session at a time

Exam Registration



    You will see a “Final Course Exam Scheduled” confirmation page upon successful registration.  


    • Exam Policies and Procedures 
    • Utilize the Proctored Exam Format Example to become familiar with the testing format.  
    • Log on to Zoom 5-10 minutes prior to exam to allow time to receive your exam.  Students arriving after scheduled exam time will NOT be admitted to the testing session.
    • Exam link will be placed in your chat box.
    • Calculators are allowed.  
    • Desktop/laptop required.  Phones or tablets will require logging in with two devices.  
    • Exams are available for students who are within six-month enrollment period.  If outside of enrollment period, please see Course Extension/Retake Information below.

    State Licensing Exam

    Upon successful completion of the final course exam, your passing results will be uploaded to PSI, the testing vendor for the State of Virginia.