Classroom vs. Online

Which real estate education format is better?  If you are trying to decide, we may have the best solution for you.

Live Stream Course Benefits:

Meeting Your Instructor:  Attending our Live Stream Classroom gives you the ability to meet your instructor, ask him in-depth questions about the material and take part in class discussions, which often go beyond the material in the course.  Our instructor provides real-life stories for a better understanding of the material.  Advanced School of Real Estate’s instructor has over 33 years of real estate experience and is highly rated by his students.

Face to Face Learning:  Typical online courses required reading from the the computer screen, and that isn’t for everyone. A live classroom setting may better fit your learning style.

Scheduled Meeting Time:  If the unstructured nature of an online course is not your thing, then having a set time to attend class might make it easier for you to complete your coursework.  Advanced School of Real Estate offers both day and evening classes to meet most schedules.

Time Saver:  Having a teacher on-hand to answer questions and keep you moving along can be a big time saver.  Having a set time to attend class may make it easier complete your coursework, and it’s possible you might get your license sooner than if you try to take online classes on your own.

Transportation:  Like your typical online course, your are not subject to traffic, commute times or transportation costs.  Enjoy the benefit of classroom interactivity with the benefit of distance learning.  

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