Once your pre-licensing course as been completed and the minimum time requirement has been met,  there is a course final exam required for successful course completion.  The Virginia Real Estate Board requires this exam to be proctored.  This exam is at the end of the course and should not be confused with the Virginia Real Estate Licensing Exam, which is taken at the testing vendor for the State of Virginia, PSI.  Our students typically take the course final at our Virginia Beach location.  While some real estate schools do charge a fee for this final course exam, we do not.  

Upon successful completion of the final course exam, your passing results will be uploaded to PSI.  Students can then set up a testing time at their convenience.  There is no time limit to sit for your Virginia Real Estate Licensing Exam.   

Final Course Exam Information/Schedule

  • Testing times are every Monday and Thursday at 5:00 p.m. 
  • No appointment required
  • Location:  2953 Va. Beach Blvd., Suite 104, Virginia Beach
  • Classroom student exams are broken down into two portions (National and State).  We recommend taking one portion at a time.  The exam for online students combines National and State content.
  • Final course exams must be taken and a successful grade received within the course enrollment period.  Basic and Enhanced Programs have a four-month enrollment period, and Ultimate Program students have a one-year enrollment period.  

Proctor Information

Most students sit for their exam at our Virginia Beach location.  However, if this is not convenient, a proctor can be chosen.  A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam and upholds the integrity the exam-taking process. 

Exam proctors must be a disinterested 3rd party not related to you by blood, marriage, or any other relationship which would influence them from fairly administering the exam.  An approved test proctor can be a notary public, librarian in your local library, teacher, police officer, community volunteer or religious leader.  The test proctor must certify that you are the person taking the final exam.

Ineligible proctors would be family or someone with whom you intend to be employed.  The important thing to remember about a proctor is to choose someone who does not have a vested interest in whether or not you pass the exam.  

Once you have chosen your proctor and set up an appointment, please Email us their information at advancedschool@cox.net.  We will send the proctor certification, instructions and exam (s) directly to them.

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