Live Streaming Class Policies and Procedures

1) Students must have the webcam on their device turned on and face visible for each course module in its entirety.  This is a regulation set forth by the DPOR for attendance verification.
2) Students should log into their class meeting five minutes prior to the start of class.
3) When logging in, you must use your full name to be given credit.
4) Students are not allowed to record and/or post the live-streaming class nor allow anyone else to
record on their behalf.
5) Students are not allowed to share log in credentials.
6) Students must be stationary during the class and paying attention to the instructor.  For instance, no walking, driving, cooking etc. during the class.
7) During the class, students should be in a quiet, private section of the house, away from background noise and distractions.
8) Students will have their audio off by default.  Audio may enabled on student’s part should they wish to ask or answer a question.  Questions are encouraged!
9) Students will receive an attendance/information sheet.  Once each module has been attended, in
accordance with all policies and procedures above, please initial and indicate date completed next to each module listed.  This attendance information must match Advanced School of Real Estate‚Äôs
attendance records and will be turned in upon successful completion of course final exam (s).